UK Uncut Legal Action

Taking legal action against the cuts

Press coverage


UK Uncut: HMRC deals ‘shocking’

BBC Radio Four ‘Today’- 20 December 2011

UK Uncut demands legal review of HM Revenue and Customs deal

The Telegraph- 20 December 2011

MPs say HMRC are ‘too cosy’ with the City

The Telegraph- 20 December 2011

Tax chiefs face mauling from MPs

Yorkshire Post- 20 December 2011

MPs blast tax chief for ‘cosy deals with big firms

Daily Mirror- 20 December 2011

Firms’ £25bn tax let-offs

The Sun- 20 December 2011

HM Revenue and Customs ‘hiding corporations’ unpaid tax worth £25bn’

The Metro- 20 December 2011

Tax Avoidance: HMRC stands accused

New Statesman- 20 December 2011

HMRC ‘bent rules’ for big firms

Channel Four News- 20 December 2011

Big firms let off £25billion in taxes

Daily Mail- 20 December 2011

UK Uncut vindicated? Commons report backs protext group 20 December 2011

MPs attack HMRC’s ‘cosy’ deals with big business

BBC News- 20 December 2011

MPs accuse tax chiefs of ‘cosy’ deals with big firms

Evening Standard- 20 December 2011

UK Uncut pushes for legal action against Goldman Sachs after report points finger on unpaid tax

This is Money- 20 December 2011

Revenue faces battle over lost tax

Morning Star- 19 December 2011

UK Uncut accuses Revenue & Customs of delaying judicial review

‎The Guardian – 22 November 2011

HMRC ‘stalling’ over tax deal case, say lawyers

Morning Star Online – 23 November 2011

NAO seeks tax expertise as HMRC faces legal challenge on Goldman deal

‎Tax Journal – 22 November 2011

Anger over Goldman interest on UK tax bill

Financial Times- 7 November 2011

Goldman’s HMRC deal faces challenge

Financial Times- 28 October 2011

UK Uncut target Goldman Sachs’ £10m tax deal

Guardian- 28 October 2011

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