UK Uncut Legal Action

Taking legal action against the cuts


UK Uncut Legal Action is a campaign group inspired by the anti-cuts direct action network UK Uncut. By taking legal action in the courts, we will challenge the coalition government’s unjust and unnecessary cuts programme, adding another tactic to the fight against the cuts.

We believe that the government is choosing to make ordinary people pay for the economic crisis that was caused by the banking sector. The cuts are a political choice, not an economic necessity. They are a choice driven by the interests of big business, the finance sector and wealthy individuals, not by a concern for ordinary people. We demand that the government bases its economic policy on fairness and justice for all, not on the greedy self-interest of the few.

While the cuts will mean that millions of people across the UK will lose their jobs, homes, benefits and public services, rich companies and individuals are dodging billions in tax – billions that could be used to fund these same vital services.

In our first project UK Uncut Legal Action is threatening legal action against the government over its dodgy tax deal with Goldman Sachs.

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