UK Uncut Legal Action

Taking legal action against the cuts


Are you angry that HMRC lets big business avoid huge sums on their tax bills? Are you concerned about the impact the cuts will have on our public services? There is something you can do! Help us take HMRC to court over the deal that allowed Goldman Sachs – the global banking giant- to get away with avoiding millions in unpaid tax.

We are taking HMRC to court because we believe that their secret deal was unlawful. HMRC and Goldman Sachs can afford the best lawyers in town, so we need your help to take them on. It’s the people’s court case.

Our fantastic lawyers are taking the case on a no-win, no-fee basis, but if we do lose our legal case we are likely to be liable for HMRC and Goldman Sachs legal costs, and we can’t imagine the bill is going to come cheap! Without this money we can’t continue with the legal challenge.


We are asking individuals to make a donation of just £1. We want this to be a court case on behalf of the people, so we want a pound from thousands of people to show the level of support for this legal case.

Ways to donate £1

1) Bank transfer
UK Uncut Legal Action
SC: 089299
AN: 65512708

2) Donate online, using paypal. Because of transaction costs, you’ll unfortunately have to donate £1.24 in order for us to get the full £1. If you would like to donate more than one pound, we won’t say no!

2) Donate by cheque / post. Please send a cheque or pound coin to:
UK Uncut Legal Action
The Meridian
4 Copthall House
Station Square
Coventry CV1 2FL

3) Bucket collections. We will regularly hold bucket collections and would love it if you can do so too!

Why not fundraise amongst your friends, family and colleagues? Gather the pounds and write us a cheque or donate online.

If you have a fundraising idea, please let us know at [email protected].

Thank you!

What if we win?

If we win, our costs will be minimal. Hooray! But what will we do with the money you donated? We’ll post up an online poll nearer the time asking whether you want it to be used to:

a) fight another court case
b) support a public service that is under threat of closure
c) fund ukuncut, the grassroots anti-cuts campaign